Emperor Hotel is located in the beautiful and rich Pearl River Delta, built since 1994, March 21, 1995 officially opened, nearly nine years, the hotel insist on "customer first, attentive service, reputation first" principle of service and the "warm and polite , nuanced, creating perfect "spirit of enterprise hard work, expanding the scale of development, under the leadership of the hotel, led by hotel operators to leap in efficiency record highs, making the hotel in the community established a good reputation and their independence Some Emperor-class brand position.

To further enhance the hotel's influence, and gradually expand the scale of operation, respectively Emperor Hotel Parking deputy floor expansion in 2001, additional guest parking designed to meet the required auxiliary building up to 8 layers during 2001-2007 to decorated four-star standard succession of dining rooms, entertainment, renovation of the three business sectors; 2008 more invested forty million capital expansion of the third floor - International apartment building, and a comprehensive renovation of the interior and exterior walls, All this hardware investment, making the hotel an emperor with local characteristics of both "old brand", but also has close to trendy social image.

Emperor hotel currently has 160 well-designed rooms, whether standard rooms, deluxe suites or business rooms, interior decoration and design are well thought out, well-equipped, comfortable and cozy, bright and spacious interior with more space to win the praise of our guests .

As one of the Emperor Hotel restaurant brand, has nearly 1,000 seats configuration, in addition to providing a comfortable dining environment, but also continue to capture market demand, according to the season-introduce guests welcome color, smell, taste, shape, is both Christie's classic dishes and season dishes, food culture established within the line of far-reaching influence. Multifunctional conference floor hotel complex operations make more active forms received various meetings, and other diverse wine will, saunas, nightclubs and other entertainment facilities readily available, so that guests enjoy eating, drinking, playing music in honor of the perfect integration.